Annual Status Report: 2021 — One Full Year Of Operation In Review.

1 Year of Ops Achieved! Investors: 3/ Shares Sold: 145/150k / Funding Burndown: June.

H. Industries
5 min readApr 5, 2022
  • Founder Remarks
  • Current State
  • Phase 0. Milestones
  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Risk Assessment

Founders Remarks

In summary, what a year. I am tremendously proud of the work produced over the most stressful year of my life (so far) and the unbelievable support I have received from friends and a business partner on the other side of the world. It was Wozniak & Markulla that truly made Apple and I feel very lucky to have met my counterpart in November essentially from failing forwards.

Every start-up story features two things: one magical meeting and more than one flirtation with the edge failure — be it bankruptcy, blindside risks or technical troubles surfacing. Every issue faced so far has been conquered and the business is more evolved, the technology more developed and the first funds have been raised after 6 years of ongoing effort.

My Markulla truly understood the vision of H. Industries and recently delivered a jaw dropping performance on stage about how the railroad to Mars will connect businesses, customers and eventually astronaut colonies by solving a key issue of the space industries next evolution: dedicated freight transport between orbits. I can’t wait to see what we can do together in the year to come and look forward to revealing the true extent of their influence when the time is right.

The report below details the accomplishments faced across the year, the current state and what is to come but dot points could never capture what a journey it has been. Dear reader, I sincerely hope to see you again in another year’s time. All the best, Morgan.

Current State

  • Investors - 3 (1 New, 1 Increased Investment)- Shares sold: 145/150k
  • Website - 969 Hits: ‘22Q1 web traffic = 54% of ’21 Year total traffic.
    Medium - 11 Stories: ‘22Q1 views = 108% of ’21 Year total views.
    Youtube - 6 Founder Recorded Videos: 581 Views in 213 Days.
    Youtube - 1 Professional Animation: 176 Views in 2 Days.
  • Cyclic WIP: Posting of the professional YouTube and removal of 6 nonprofessional recordings marks a change of social media strategy from the founder engaging with communities in a direct manner. Engagement will now be channeled from TikTok, Twitter and LinkedIn to an animation driven YouTube page then into Medium for detailed information. Viewership data across the funnel will inform venture capital submissions which will consume the majority of ongoing cyclic WIP effort as the comms plan is commenced.
  • Deliverable WIP: Professional website development is underway. The >600 listed investment prospects in the engagement comms plan are being assessed and process formalised before cold pitching begins.
  • Deliverables To Do: Commence podcasting of documentation readthrough’s and technical explanations. Commence investment prospect contacting, develop Phase 1. business process & training plan documents. Commence Simulink modelling in line with documentation refinement moving to cyclic WIP.
  • Achievements: Release of detailed academic paper to the IEEE peer review panel, new format Investor Presentation and release of first professional animation, visualising the dream in full 3D for the first time ever. This marks a significant step beyond the founders unprofessional 2D animations.
  • Self-funded Burndown: $3,000 founder savings remain, est. June 1st.
    Capital Burndown: $2,900 raised from crowdfunding, 0% consumed.

Phase 0. Milestones

  • Goal 1: Business Readiness — 100% Delivered.
  • Goal 2: Find Initial Funding — 0.097% Delivered, promo go-live Feb, completion est. June.
  • Phase 1. Goals are being brought forward where possible while accumulating funding for recruitment of technical staff.

Opportunity Assessment

  • Rebranding of Youtube, website and pitch decks to professional quality allows direct engagement of VC’s, this change of strategy from the previous approach of first securing crowdfunding success enables the opportunity to secure full Phase 1. funding from one engagement.
  • Direct community engagement through social media is not effective at the Phase. 0 concept / seed stage. Channel metrics show lack of detailed engagement from viewers passing through the landing page to technical content that addresses gaps in their understanding. The founder has secured the engagement of a business partner through this strategy and now the benefit is realised, further engagement comes at an opportunity & effort cost of not pivoting to venture engagement before burndown.
  • Rejection of the first academic submission presents an opportunity to submit detailed single aspect papers to a variety of journals. This opportunity widens engagement however has a high effort cost compared to submission of a generalised paper to a singular technical journal.
  • Podcasting provides the ideal platform for engagement with long-form content consumers without the challenges of video recording.

Risk Assessment

  • Removal of cryptocurrency references and wallet addresses from almost all online locations removes the ability of any angel and investors across the globe to make a snap decision to support the business and have the requisite information available. This action is taken to reinforce brand legitimacy as non-cryptocurrency focused readers are immediately disengaged. This decision results in risk acceptance of potential funding loss though no answer is definitively correct given all investors to date are international. Bitcoin enables a cheaper investment path than bank transfer however with direct engagement of venture capital other options will be explored, each with their own associated risk.
  • Realisation of the academic rejection risk presented an opportunity for development of a detailed paper for submission has advanced the state of technical modelling, downgrading the component capability risk.
  • Rejection of academic submission is no longer perceived as an existential risk as the topic’s required to address the concept are challenging to fit in any one journal’s defined scope. Technical modelling to date indicates piece-wise viability of design assembly thus existential risk is transferred to the Simulink modelling rather than journal submission acceptance. Construction of the multiphysics numeric model is now brought forward to address this risk, while likeliehood is reduced the impact remains the same.
  • Removal of non-professional videos improves brand image but adds to risk of disengagement from crowdfund investors. This risk is now realised as an issue from low crowdfunding investor confidence due to the animation not being strictly physics or scale accurate thus is accepted and the pivot opportunity to venture capital engagement must be maximised.

As always, thanks for reading and stay tuned for more — it’s a big year ahead.


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