H. Industries: VC-A Equity Offering

Seeking $7.5m funding for the Phase 1. Feasibility Study at $50 per share.

H. Industries
5 min readAug 31, 2021
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H. Industries currently has first mover advantage in the low cost reusable interorbital freight transport category and a multitude of potential customers who could service Mars missions. This is a unique investment opportunity in a six year old private projects first public equity offering.

H. Industries requires four rounds of equity funding to deliver a full feasibility study, product testing then an operational Earth-Mars shipping corridor capable of moving 2000kg payloads for $10m. The first equity offering is now open for 150,000 shares (15%) in an ASIC registered private business at $50 USD a share to deliver $7.5m in capital to fund the feasibility study of this innovative service and advanced manufacturing business.

This will fund 7 staff for up to 24 months delivering a rigorous concept evaluation, manufacturing schematic, detailed business plan and financial model. The founder is offering the shares for purchase with Bitcoin (and other methods) for any early followers and readers around the globe to participate in launching the business and benefit. Using a US Dollar price provides a well known global reference point and local Australian investors get an additional tax offset on their investment due to the early stage, recent registration and innovative nature of H. Industries!

The founder has chosen the nontraditional funding method to easily and securely offer a private equity round as a single person operation. Non-investor-backed concept stage startups do not qualify for most equity offering platforms but the solution was as simple as posting a bitcoin wallet and email address. See the Agreement below for further details on how to secure ownership in H. Industries.


H. Industries is a concept stage startup planning to use a novel propulsion method for a new use case – it may fail irrecoverably with a loss of all funds while reaching for this goal. H. Industries will strive to avoid failure and has minimised the risks of this phase by planning for a large project contingency. Due to the nature of a research & design project, it can be difficult to estimate analysis timeframes so a +100% contingency is included for the phase 1 feasibility study to double the planned opex timeline.

This safety net allows the project to extend its timelines without delay or additional capital raising activities. The opposite of this risk is the potential to deliver the feasibility study early due to the founders pre-work, in which case funds will be used to commence the next stage of operations, make a charitable donation and give a staff bonus.

In the event of business case invalidation or hard project stopper, H. Industries will return remaining funds to all entities equally and proportionally. In the event of funding exhaustion while achieving success, subsequent offer rounds or banking lines of credit will be utilised to complete the phase. In the event of hard failure in this first phase, all funds will be lost as the vast majority is opex invested in wage costs rather than capex inventory to liquidate.

Soft risks which may impact the ambitious delivery timeline once underway include regulatory delays, design analysis extension, product testing extension and launch capacity availability. Given the ambition of the project, safety will be the primary focus rather than schedule pressure. Any additional time taken is time well invested to deliver the solution properly.


Investors understand and willingly accept the innovative and high risk nature of this business, formally Haech Industries Pty. Ltd, as outlined above by offering capital in exchange for shares and their ownership certificates. Investors may realise an increase in share value as business stages evolve through private sale, share buyback schemes or possible public listing. H. Industries requires early stage divestors to notify the business of any share sale at the email below within 14 days, in compliance with ASIC’s ownership update reporting policy.

This investment entitles the bearer to part ownership in H. Industries as set out in this document, the H. Industries VC-A Equity Offer. The bearer is entitled to vote at the appropriate shareholder meetings with a say respective of their total holdings. Voting may be submitted in absentia or if forfeit, is accepted as approval of the founders course of action and leadership. Equity ownership does not entitle the bearer to any portion of the businesses cashflow however a shareholder dividend scheme will be announced at a later date to provide ongoing benefits for long term investors corresponding to their share. Share repurchase schemes will be announced periodically to allow shorter term investors to realise their growth in capital value as the business delivers successive phases.

To purchase shares, investors simply send Bitcoin to the wallet below and contact H. Industries at the listed email with a screenshot of the transaction confirmation, their full name & physical address. These details are used to fill out the share ownership update form which must be logged with ASIC within 28 days of the sale though the business will follow a 14 day cycle to remove any compliance risk. Share distribution will be calculated in $50 USDT (set at: 1:1 USD) increments based on the Binance BTC/USDT price at the screenshotl time of purchase initiation and blockchain record, removing any risk of ownership amount dispute. Other payment methods, such as an Australian bank account, are available through the contact email below. Any small amounts of funds accidentally sent in excess of the $50 USD parcels will be aggregated and donated to a charitable organisation.

Offering: 150,000 Shares at $50 USD each.
BTC Wallet: bc1qtmg69jxpd7s5leaqd6rj65vxe6jw22a45ymfz9
Required Details: 1. First & Last Name, 2. Residential or Business Address.
3. Transaction Screenshot.
Contact: Investment@h-industries.io

Remaining: 149,850 Shares.

H. Industries will gratefully present the investor with a certificate of equity ownership, equity offering copy and matching bitcoin receipt by email within 48 hours of purchase. The bitcoin wallet link will be removed once the offering is completed and all investors notified. This lightweight purchase system allows anyone around the globe to invest in the next step of the space industry simply with bitcoin and an internet connection.

For any enquiries, please reach out to: contact@h-industries.io


Investors who see the potential that this idea has will help realise a dream. The founder has worked on this project since 2015 solo and now is able to offer shares in a company for the chance to hire staff and build towards the next stage of humanities space faring civilisation — there are not enough words for my thanks. Your investment will help build a team to validate a business case, truly launch a new Australian innovation company and forge the first steps on a very long path to interorbital shipping and eventually asteroid mining! H. Industries aims to be an ambitious innovation business harnessing the potential of its platform and making a real positive difference for good in this world and off of it.

Thanks for reading, checking out any prior content and most importantly seeing the next step of the space industry: freight shipping. Your investment will help realise a dream that is inconceivable today and inevitable tomorrow.

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