Annual Status Report: 2023 One year’s progress or three?

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Annual Status Report: 2023.

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The following report is a summary of the past years activities in the Founder’s own words. This report compliments other information sources by presenting a less formal review of the year in the same spirit as Jason McCarthy’s Goruck Annual Update.

TLDR: Site/social traffic is down due to founder returning to a fifo engineering role to generate capital to build a prototype but progress (technology recognition) is up from meeting two big name industry players. Recently joined the Interplanetary Chamber of Commerce & seeking to join two channels of the Cislunar Ecosystem Task Force. 2024 is off to a cracking start which may unlock funding and this update is 2 months late because of all the other work happening!

YOY Metrics:

  • Site Traffic: 2022: 908 Unique Visitors — 2023: 270
  • Podcast Listens: 2022: 2648 — 2023: 4207
  • Medium Reads: 2022: 619 — 2023: 33 (132 Views)
  • Shares sold: 2022: 150–2023: 0 (Cap structure being reworked by an advisor from a VC firm)

Current State

  • Cyclic WIP has slowed: Posting Podcasts, YouTube, Medium, LinkedIn (Founder & Business pages) & r/startups took the back seat this year as I have prioritised technical work and earning a paycheque from FIFO. New goal is 1 Podcast per quarter, less scripted and more natural.
  • Deliverable WIP: A fourth peer review paper submitted in April was accepted in September but further details were requested prior to publication that tread an edge of commercial concern.
  • Deliverables To Do: Simulink modelling is the next critical step. Website upgrade & sub-business registration required to partition IP then engage with strategic investors.
  • Realised Goal: Advisor from VC firm booked a meeting with a successful space industry CEO who then introduced us to an ex-NASA technical staff memeber who is now advising Congress. Technical recognition of solution and the gap in the market it solves is now complete.
  • Next Goal: Secure VC-A/B funding. Recruit engineering staff and a social media manager.
  • Burndown: N/A — Founder returned to full time employment to pay down the incurred $60,000 debt from 2022 full time business operation.

Phase 0. Milestones

Phase 1. Milestones

  • Goal 1: Design Completion.
  • Goal 2: Prototype Construction.


  • Acceptance of publication in the journal Advances in Space Technology gives the broad concept foundational scientific credibility before focused submissions can be made to the IEEE’s Transactions on Applied Superconductivity or the AIA’s various journals. The work is now at a stage of maturity where I applied for entrance to a PhD program and if accepted will be a key driver for success. The opportunity to name a novel propulsion method in a peer reviewed journal publication will give recognition of invention with the necessary scientific credibility.
  • Web traffic has dropped to 30% of the past year though organically sustained itself throughout the year as I stepped back to working full time for a pay cheque. Promitional material will remain a low priority until technical modelling is complete, funding secured and a social media manager can be recruited.
  • Growing interest from established space industry and venture capital players was demonstrated by the wild upswing in the number of meetings held with external businesses. The technical recognition from established players has been crucial to securing successive meetings that will lead to funding in 2024 and the expansion of use cases planned. The potential to service L1 & Luna gateways will unlock funding that can establish a small scale operation then bootstrap towards martian operation.


  • Review of both submissions to the IEEE Journal of Applied Superconductivity did not invalidate the project. The concept was deemed beyond the scope and the same judgement was applied by the Journal of Electric Propulsion. Through successive publication applications and meetings with experienced technical staff the risk of invalidation is reducing rapidly. The risk of invalidation will be entirely removed on delivery of the Matlab Simulink model. Supporting materials include over 900 academic references (with >195k words of notes taken), a 680 line excel design calculator and a 44,000 word detailed design paper.
  • Burndown is no longer a risk, I had to return to full-time work as a mining engineer spending extensive hours underground while dreaming of satellites and solutions to problems competitor’s havent found yet.
  • Intellectual property risk is low, I spoke to an IP lawyer and have a legally defencible inventors right in every country. A competitor may blanket steal the idea but there are issues I solved years ago they havent found yet and the same IP lawyer will quickly become involved. None of the critical details are featured in promotional videos or material.

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People who see the long term potential that this idea has can help realise this dream by purchasing shares from the equity offering or donating to the angel fund to help build a physical prototype in 2024.

I have worked on this project since 2015 solo, recruited the first staff in 2022 and am now offering shares in the company for the chance to hire engineering staff and build towards the next stage of humanities space faring civilisation. Your investment will help build a team of 12to validate the business case, launch an Australian innovation company and forge the first steps on a very long path to interorbital shipping and eventually asteroid mining! H. Industries aims to be an ambitious orbital innovation business harnessing the potential of its platform and making a real positive difference for good in this world and off of it.

Thanks for reading, checking out any prior content and most importantly seeing the next step of the space industry: freight shipping. Your investment will help realise a dream that is inconceivable today and inevitable tomorrow.


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