Where are the numbers at now? (Better than ever, geometry is the key)

New paper due out in a month or so, publication attempt #3!

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3 min readAug 27, 2022

(230108 — #3 Submitted to Journal of Electric Propulsion on 221123 — Paper available here and Podcast available here)

It feels like time to write another short piece. After a good few months to reset and process the progress and personal difficulty of the last 18 months it’s time to get back into the fray.

I once again work in the mining industry (8 on / 6 off), now as a blasting engineer (#dreamjob) for Australia’s leading blasting company. As a kid I wanted to get into explosive building demolition, mining was the way to get the skills and experience while working on problems of huge scale or difficulty. The focus has shifted to asteroids and electromagnetic propulsion but wave interaction never changes. Almost 10 years ago I wrote my undergrad engineering thesis on application of an underground tunnel blasting technique for preconditioning block caves — putting enough cracks into the bottom of a giant block of ore so that it begins moving and effectively acted as a liquid, coming out of the production level in much the same way as a bird feeder works. I love being back in the industry but as always I have one eye on the sky.

This role gives me the freedom to work in a field that I love, pay the bills that I must and debt incurred from the last full time founding stint while spending the evenings/off-swing working on H. Industries and applying for entrance to a PhD program! I tried launching without a backing univeristy but that strategy failed so now is the time to pivot. The VC market is having a downturn, the tech industry is going through a contraction and now is the ideal time to pivot, get an education uplift and the backing credibility that I need to secure investors and turn this business into a juggernaut.

The next paper that I will release is both easier to read and more comprehensive, the mechanics are further evolved from my earlier April article and I am really hoping this is the one that will finally get published. I have restructured the language of the last publication attempt, added a lot more explanation to clarify linkages, really dug into the geometry that underpins all the mechanics and been quite honest about the amount of force this design could generate. The last paper underbaked a lot, omitted factors and chose nonideal scenarios — it was also too densely wordy (first paper I wrote to be easily understandable and got told it wasnt science wordy enough — sigh). I was incredibly cagey about showing my true math, it is a fine line to walk between demonstrating just how viable this idea is while not giving away so much that I lose what I have worked so hard on for years. So I spoke to two IP lawyers and have a reassuring degree of IP security. If someone is crazy enough to build my design for me, firstly I’ll be very excited to see it work and then secondly to have a detailed chat with them about resolving that issue.

Time will tell how the next paper goes so stay tuned and reach out if you have any questions or want to invest enough for me to hire several engineers lol. The business plan is ready to go, all I need now is scientific credibility from a PhD and a backing univeristy.

Thanks for reading, all the traffic metrics over the past few months of no active activity have been such a surprise!


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