What Comes Next?

What do you do when you launched too early and don’t find funding? Draft a deliverables plan, a bunch of lessons learned from the first attempt and then regroup for another go.

After four years of part time development, H. Industries was finally ready and I ticked a big item off my bucket list: ‘Launch it before I hit 30.’ On October 4th, I was 28 and crossed it off as my work contract finished up so I could throw myself into full-time founder mode. Three months later, I had to concede financial defeat and head back to work — rather than being down I was elated, I knew what to do next time. Three more months and a global pandemic later, the research has progressed and the next step has finally become clear: if I want to get serious funding then I have to get a serious degree, so I am applying for entry to a PhD in Applied Physics.

Most follow the academic path and publish research before launching a business off of it, I did the reverse — building a business once baseline proof was established for the concept (the 80/20 rule!). After a Masters and six years professional experience I thought it was the right time to establish a business but due to the nature of high concept technology projects it turned out the real hurdle was attaining the scientific credibility required. Now the business is established and component design is ~80% complete, it’s time to develop a rigorous proof of Multivector Additive Propulsion through numerical analysis.

Developing commercial research involves a number of protections for component designs while publicly building out a supporting proof of the physical system. Protecting the launch method would only be a disservice to the interorbital space industry that I strongly believe is in our near future. If this method can be validated numerically and published in peer reviewed journals then it may help launch a new wave of propulsion systems dedicated to slow, efficient, freight transport like the canals or railroads of yesteryear.

I have found the course and professor who I would like to guide me through the next four years of academic research. After drafting a research proposal and reaching out, the next step is getting in. Business development will continue in tandem so stay tuned for mostly monthly updates and dont hesitate to reach out if you’d like to hear more on anything specific!

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The Railroad To Mars — Start-Up Interorbital Transport Service. https://h-industries.io

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H. Industries

H. Industries

The Railroad To Mars — Start-Up Interorbital Transport Service. https://h-industries.io

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