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2 min readApr 7, 2020

Two months ago the world still worked in offices. Today it’s remote, we are in lengthening isolation and working more collaboratively than ever before. The capability has been there for a long time, when the desire to use it became pressing, the majority of the corporate world pivoted in a month to do what many would plan to deliver in twelve.

Transformation is not simple reorganisation, the rapid shift to online connected work to maintain business operations proves that true transformation is evolutionary. It is capitalising on capability to enact meaningful change, using existing tools to overcome the challenges of isolation and the current crisis.

Zoom existed nine years ago, Teams has seen scattered implementations for three and before then it was SharePoint, Google Docs and Skype for Business. Online collaborative development tools for numerous industries have existed for years. The corporate world is shifting to activity based working and the flexibility to work from home and was seeing growing productivity and cost reductions. This spurt of evolutionary transformation combining these two elements to address the challenges of COVID-19 will shape our next ten years and demonstrates what we can change when we want to.

Freighting shipping containers to Mars between satellite swarms in high earth orbit is no different, we just need to use a combination of existing technologies in a different way. With SpaceX’s Starship, NASA’s Luna Gateway and the UAE’s Mars 2050 projects underway, the next evolutionary transformation of the space industry will change our world to ‘worlds’. #marsshot

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News: I have returned to full time work to fund the next step of H. Industries, further development and updates will be ~bimonthly for now! Currently refining the Mk.0 Technical Paper with failure mode analyses and expanding the project schedule detail. Stay safe and live your best lockdown, M.

Update 210902: Launched the equity offering, stay tuned for more!

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