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Business Model:

Service Delivery & Engineering Advisory

H. Industries will offer return freight transport between two serviced orbits and one way transport to unserviced orbits. Transport will be priced low to encourage all possible businesses to consider expanding into the orbital or interplanetary sectors. Additionally the business will license technologies as requested and provide engineering advisory services to deliver the best value for customers and their transported goods. Manufacturing will be delivered under contract at first then brought in-house to drive down holistic process costs and enable cheaper services over an expanded network to maximise system utilisation.

Investors will receive a portion of customer revenue as a regular dividend.

Capital Structure:

  • Country of Registration: Australia
  • Shares Registered: 1,000,000
  • Shares Sold: 150

The intent is grow as a private equity business through venture capital support until later public listing once customer operations are delivered. Our technology and expertise may be licensed to other businesses to fund ongoing research, development and delivery.

Funding Required:

  • VC-A: $7m — Deliver industry verified simulink model, manufacturable schematic and refined business plan.
  • VC-B: $30m — Manufacture the first satellite for physical testing & model verification.
  • VC-C: $150m — Manufacture ten satellites for orbital testing & model verification.
  • VC-D: $1.5b — Deliver two orbital swarms and commence customer delivery operations.

Each round will be offered pseudo-publicly, with share available to purchase direct from the business to allow any person or business around the globe to invest in the next step of the space industry. In parallel the business will seek venture capital partners to lead or join each funding round for purchase of the shares released. The share releases will be scaled to ensure each stage of business validation & delivery delivers significant value increase to investor holdings. The chance to invest in the first purpose designed interorbital freight transport system is a generational event that will deliver value to investors for decades to come.

The business can initiate customer operations by 2030 if VC-A funding is found in the next 12 months. The timeline is feasible with later funding but will come at increased cost to crash the project schedule. Stable funding growth, FTB and total-halt market crash scenarios are all prepared for.

H. Industries has a long pay back period for early investors however the stages are planned to minimise risk and ensure that our early partners realise their tremendous increase in capital value. All figures are projected and subject to change with no earning guaranteed however the Founder has invested years of sweat effort to grow the business to this point and will not quit until the dream is realised.

2023 will be a year of big moves.

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