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Establishing Who We Are.

H. Industries
3 min readJul 4, 2021

Business Vision

H. Industries can be proven in 12 months, operating in 5 years and delivering cargo to Mars daily by 2030. It is envisioned the shift towards interorbital travel of cargo then people will lead to rapid advances in environmental protection & high yield food production systems that will help heal our planet.

Business Ethos

We must individually and collectively embody the best of humanity to realise our future together, growing beyond our planetary confines sustainably and past primitive social divisions permanently. Be kind, be courageous and stand up to only do what’s right as we are all citizens of a greater state: humanity.

We actively reject the idea that a start-up must restructure its executives and team regularly to succeed in scaling rapidly and transforming the world. That logic may fit the prevailing or historical trends in software start-ups but we are operating on a much longer game plan and will take the time to build both our staff and the business to see it through.

Business Missions

● Build a pioneering research business that advances technology for the common good.
● Build a transformational shipping network to enable humanities next step starwards.
● Become a world leading interorbital sector participant and research sponsor.
● Continually show support for all staff to grow and change the world.

Cultural Standards

These business operation ideals set what our company will become and the principles are expected to be mirrored in our teams. This is a summary of intended standards, a blend of values and expectations to form the culture.

● Honesty is the key to trust. Published payscales, career progression plans and pioneering research for all to see.
● We reward collaboration, growth & loyalty. We are a learning business so retention of people, teams and knowledge is the key metric of management and success.
● Listen to boots on the ground. Staff will always be supported to get the job done right and their input will be the key to delivery and reliability.
● Any problem can be fixed. Staff are encouraged to openly raise issues or suggest improvements and the flat business structure is designed to make that communication easy. Applying as many eyes as possible is the quickest way to solve problems and creating positive change will be recognised.
● Quality trumps quantity. 10 AM - 3 PM are the accountable meeting hours — online or in person. Anything else is just personal preference and getting the job done. Everyone has a unique lifestyle and requirements that must be met to achieve their own goals, we have enshrined this balance from the beginning so that staff come to work ready and empowered to deliver their best in an intense fashion.

This standard and culture is important to define from the outset, giving a clear basis to incoming staff of the business purpose and expectations. We aim to build a pioneering research team, advanced manufacturing business and space age railway network — we can only accomplish this as a team.

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