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  1. What made you interested in space?
  2. Where do you see the space industry in the coming decades?
  3. What does H. Industries do ?
  4. Where do you see H. Indsutries in the coming decades ?
  5. We have problems here on Earth, should we not solve these problems before venturing into space?
  6. Why Mars?
  7. Why Bitcoin?


1. What made you interested in Space?

It truly is the final frontier, stories of Antarctic explorers pitching their ingenuity and endurance with the best of technology against nature and struggling through the unknown is inspirational. A hundred years later space is now our frontier to push for progress to go where no one has ever gone before.

2. Where do you see the Space Industry in the coming decades?

The cost of orbital entry is dropping, Musks starship will push that down further when he succeeds. This opens up the potential for orbital platforms and a truly permanent presence, enabling in-orbit manufacturing. Once we see manufacturing in orbit the only question is the material supply lines …when raw materials can be sourced in orbit we truly will become a multi planetary species. Is that achievable in the next few decades? Absolutely. We only started flying in 1903 and it only took 66 years to get put human boots on the moon. If that’s the longest stage of an exponential technology curve, the next few decades could progress the industry a lot further.

3. What does H. Industries Do ?

We will become the first interorbital freight transport service, focusing not on earth to orbit (already solved) but rather the bit in the middle to enable pioneers, explorers and many other projects we couldn’t dream of to have their supplies and technology delivered prior to their arrival. The freight airline of the space age.

4. Where do you see H. Indsutries in the coming decades?

Partnering with multiple launch service providers to offer Earth to extraterrestrial orbital arrival as a streamlined service. Once we expand to multiple shipping lanes the next step is multiple destinations. Once the swarms are big enough we plan to push an ferromagnetic (iron based) asteroid into lunar orbit to catch it and mine it. Returning to the in-orbit material supply above, the next few decades are when things get really interesting.

5. We have problems here on Earth, should we not solve these problems before venturing into space?

Babies and bath water. I really think we can do both, the technologies for environmental processing & maintenance developed for long term human space missions are farmed microcosms of our own planet. We have a few additional challenges here due to the increasing warming cycle, hundreds of years of manufacturing and chemical pollution let alone the last 60 odd years of exponentially growing plastic pollution. If we can get on top of that environmental maintenance cycle and prevent it accelerating we can buy time to fix all the problems — and we will — but a catalyst is needed. Space exploration is that catalyst that will funnel funds into the required technology to truly save our own planet — it’s ironic that by planning to leave it we will hopefully make it a better home to return to. Plus nowhere else we know of has beaches like Earth, can you imagine people born on Mars dreaming of a Hawaiian beachside holiday? One day that will be reality.

6. Why Mars?

Resource rich and frozen water available? Yes please. It might be harder and further than the Moon but we haven’t been there yet.

The gravitational pull of the moon creates our tides, small changes to that may not do much but larger changes in lunar mass will — pulling out millions of tonnes of lunar ore for mineral extraction most certainly will. I see the moon becoming a staging post & scientific arena, partly preserved for all humankind like Antartica. We simply cannot risk our planets future by unbalancing that system …the moon losing its orbit would be worse than global warming. So Mars is the safest option for true human expansion and mineral exploration can easily be shifted there as we have the perfect delivery mechanism for heavy machinery.

7. Why Bitcoin?

When I first started trying to get attention on H. Industries, I submitted the pitch to Indiegogo, Kickstarter and quite a few more but all were variously removed. I was using Bitcoin since 2016 and realised the answer was right there, a wallet is just an email address for digital money. If I posted one, anyone anywhere who saw it would be able to interact with it and the fees are cents compared to other international remittance transfers costing almost as much as the share price. Bitcoin is a truly rare commodity that has the strongest network security and so guarantee of value. Which is pretty cool for an email address for money, it’s bit of a shame that this super secure technology has earned a bad rap but it has lead to [warning: unsettling news links] a lot of paedophiles being arrested.

By posting a public wallet address available to anyone, it allowed anyone to be able to look up the business funds and assess the stability of the enterprise for themselves. Capital will be partly held in Bitcoin for transparency and inflation hedging with announcements of allocations made during earnings reports at the appropriate time. These funds are intended to form a growing long term business contingency that is scaled to the stage. Research and design projects like feasibility studies can initially take a lot of extra time to get right but the contingency margins on bulk manufacturing later will be much less. For such long term holding, the rarity and network security of Bitcoin presents a better opportunity than any transactional currency.

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