How H. Industries Came To Be And Where We Are Going.

Today I want to tell you the story of how H. Industries came to be in 2015, how it became what it is today and where it is going next. This is a very long form article as I feel it’s the right time to tell it and this will…

Novel Propulsion Tech Can Deliver 2t Containers To Mars In 2y For $10m.

  • Update: LSP Pitch Video Released!
  • Why haven’t we done this already?
  • Seeking LSP Partnership
  • About H. Industries

I am excited to announce the upcoming release of the new H. Industries detailed investment pitch video following the small scale release of the elevator sized and general project

Base Working, Business Development & Funding Ask.

  • Basic Business Idea
  • Business Earnings Estimate
  • Taking Concept To Content
  • Asking For Angels & Investors

Basic Business Idea

What if satellites could push shipping containers? We could have supplies on Mars before people, or anywhere else. It’s simple enough, magnets can push steel plates and it’s easier in space without…

H. Industries

Start-Up Interorbital Transport Service. Angel #BTC. 1MkkavrLCwvqDbohXeGGtTzfab5FVbEiF4

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